Property Management Services Waikato


Below is a list of our specific property management services:

  • Tenant screening.

    We screen all tenants before renting to them. Potential tenants are required to complete application forms and we then conduct reference checks and credit checks. If this is completed to our satisfaction we then offer the property to the tenant.

  • Tenancy agreement & pre tenancy inspection.

    These are carried out as per the Residential Tenancies Act 1986. All tenancy agreements and pre tenancy inspections are completed at the property and signed by both parties.

  • Bond collection and lodgement.

    We collect a minimum of 4 weeks bond on each property and this is lodged with Ministry of Housing Bond Centre as required under the law. Bonds are not released back to the tenant, until a final inspection has been carried out and we are satisfied the property has been left in clean and tidy condition with no damage, all rent money has been paid and keys to the property returned.

  • Rent collection and monitoring.

    All rents are paid to us by automatic payment. Rents are checked on a daily basis. Should a rent payment not be made on the due date the tenant is telephoned and a formal 14-day notice to remedy is issued. This forms the beginning of the Tenancy Tribunal process.

  • Regular property inspections.

    The property is inspected, with the tenant in attendance, prior to the tenancy starting. Regular inspections are completed during the tenancy at starting interval of 8 weeks (should an inspection identify any issues requiring the tenant to put right, a letter is issued to the tenant and a follow up inspection is completed in 14 days). The property is inspected, the day after the tenant vacates the property and prior to any Bond release.

  • Disputes & mediation.

    We prepare all applications for dispute resolution under The Residential Tenancies Act 1986. We attend mediation and if the issue is still not resolved to a satisfactory level we attend Tenancy Tribunal Court hearings.

  • Maintenance.

    We organise maintenance on your behalf including cleaning, lawn mowing, plumbing and electrical services and any other normal, general maintenance required to keep a property at an acceptable level.

  • Rental appraisals.

    If you are interested in our Property Management Services, we will inspect your property and give advice on its potential market rental. The asking rent will then be set in agreement with the owner.

  • Advertising your property.

    We will advertise the property for rent and show potential tenants through the property. Advertising is done in the local papers, on our web site, on various rental web sites when appropriate.

  • Showing properties to potential tenants.

    We personally show tenants through the property by either appointment or set open viewing

  • Financial Statements.

    We provide monthly financial statements, detailing rents collected and payments made on your behalf. These are electronically sent to the owner of the property